PLP-Series 3/4" Now Available! - 2 inches of height for up to 5 inches WC pressure

Air-Trap Testimonials

• Keith D., V.P. Sales, Data Center Cooling Division
"We use Des Champs HVAC Air-Traps extensively on our data center cooling units so that our customers never have to prime them"

• Todd D., President
     "Since our first order, we have sent out a trap kit to resolve any complaint/concern about condensate lines overflowing/backing up or dehumidifiers leaking. The results have been perfect.
Every complaint resolved. So, we do expect to be ordering more Air-Traps in the future."

• Andre H. @ Epic Servers
     “This product is the next generation of traps for HVAC application. The esthetics of this trap is none to compare.”

• Ray A., V.P. Service Dept.
     "We are very impressed with the results and relief this device offered this summer . . . very user friendly if service is needed but so far, this little device has solved the problem!
     We will definitely be using these in the future when the occasion arises. Thank you both for the excellent product and customer service . . . Top notch!"

• Scott D., Sr. Product Development Engineer
     "The testing of the waterless trap went well. There is a potential for this type of product in industry, especially from the service side of the business."

• Michael J., Specifying Engineer
     "Another reason why your solution is pretty awesome, it takes the guess work and likely long term failure scenarios out from poor planning and execution. Add to that something that is infinitely serviceable without having to cut out poorly plumbed pipe and you've got a win win for everyone involved."

• Mohammed F., Project Manager at Engineering & Air Conditioning Company
     “I employed Des Champ Waterless Traps for QFIS Project in Qatar and it took us out of trouble. Thanks for so beautiful products by Des Champ.”