PLP-Series 3/4" Now Available! - 2 inches of height for up to 5 inches WC pressure

HVAC Air-Trap Documentation

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Product and Engineering Catalog - HVAC Air-Trap

    - Product and Engineering Catalog

White Paper - HVAC Air-Trap

    - It’s Time to Reconsider the Use of P-Traps for HVAC Condensate Removal

Product Sheets - HVAC Air-Trap

    - FCN-Series Product Sheet

    - N-Series Product Sheet

    - P-Series Product Sheet

    - RLC-Series Product Sheet

    - PLP-Series Product Sheet

    - Union Strainer Product Sheet

Information Sheet - HVAC Air-Trap

    - HVAC Air-Trap Information Sheet

Installation and Operation Manuals (IOM) - HVAC Air-Trap

    - FCN-Series IOM

    - N-Series IOM

    - P-Series IOM

    - RLC-Series IOM

    - PLP-Series IOM

Mechanical Specification - HVAC Air-Trap

    - Condensate Trap Specification Sheet 

    - HVAC Air-Trap_Mechanical Specification

HVAC Air-Trap Key Drawings

    - N-Series Key Drawing

    - P-Series Key Drawing

    - RLC-Series Key Drawing

    - FCN-Series Key Drawing

    - PLP-Series 1 1/2" Key Drawing

    - PLP-Series 3/4" Key Drawing