PLP-Series 3/4" Now Available! - 2 inches of height for up to 6 inches WC pressure

HVAC Air-Trap™: Concept - Max Condensate Flow - Max Pressures - Sizes

No More Troublesome “P” Traps

Air-Trap reduces trap height by up to 60%. A total height equal to the maximum water pressure in inches WC. With negative pressure plenum, the HVAC Air-Trap requires less than 1/2 the height required for P‑Trap installation.

Built in clean-out port to meet building code IRC section M1411.3.3, IMC Section 307.2.5, UMC Section 312.3.1, which states: “Condensate drain lines shall be configured to permit the clearing of blockages and performance of maintenance without requiring the drain line to be cut.”

The Air-Trap will never freeze and break.

No more issues caused by traps drying out, does not require filling with water in spring or after extended period of no condensate formation.

Designed to prevent standing water within the trap and drain line when there is no condensate being produced.

Air-Trap is predesigned and site proven to prevent field errors.

Eliminates sludge build-up at bottom of “U” tube.

Prevent the geyser effect with “dry trap” and negative plenum pressure.

No more blow through with positive pressure.

HVAC Air-Trap Concept

HVAC Air-Trap Waterless Condensate Traps Pressures and Sizes